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Celebrity stylist and designer, Urbana Chappa loves Halloween. Every year, this mother of four creates intricate Halloween costumes for her family with different themes (check out how her family is killing it with their Run DMC costume!). With Halloween tomorrow, we were psyched to learn more about her styling process, her clothing brands, and what goes into creating these amazing looks! Who knows, her ideas might even inspire you to craft your own thematic costumes for your family. Read on…


My late-mother was a Halloween fanatic and I remember loving this time of year and appreciating how she would decorate so much.

What are some of your tips to creating a family Halloween costume?

When thinking about re-creating your chosen character, keep it simple. Pick one or two identifying characteristics to replicate (whether it be a facial feature, hair color or piece of clothing), then build the rest of the look up with other basics. Makeup can be a low cost way to create a look and kids are often excited to wear it! My motto has always been, have fun with it! Your costume doesn’t have to be perfect. Halloween allows us to have fun with our kids as they express themselves.

Where are your go-to places to find Halloween costumes?

I actually create each piece in my studio. Every year, my family and I does it big for our costumes. My late-mother was a Halloween fanatic and I remember loving this time of year and appreciating how she would decorate so much. I wanted to have a tradition for my kids that one day they will pass to their kids. Since my kids were born, we think of fun people to dress up as, then I make the costumes. My family and friends look forward to it every year.

What have been some of your favorite costumes to dress up in as a family?

My favorite has been our Addams family costume. The kids loved the outfits and they were so excited to wear makeup.

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How do you incorporate style into your Halloween look?

The way I incorporate my style is pretty easy, I take an idea and basically put our family’s twist on it. For our Flintstones costume, I created the costumes but made them edgier and added brighter colors for the kids. I love to add a little spice to the Halloween costume idea.

Tell us more about Maison de Urbana and Maison de Mini?

After the birth of my daughter, I suffered from a very bad case of postpartum depression where I felt lost. I’ve always loved fashion so I decided to go to FIDM for a change of pace – fast-forward six months later and I started a women’s brand called Maison de Urbana that debuted at New York Fashion Week! I was on a high to see something I wanted and had passion for come to fruition.

After I became a mom, Maison de Mini was born. We were transitioning into healthy organic living at home and it dawned on me how present chemicals are in everything surrounding us, from food, to furniture and clothing. My son suffers from severe allergies, and is very sensitive to color dye fibers. After researching different organic fibers I stumbled across bamboo and fell in love with the fabric. Not only is bamboo grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, it is also a light, thermal regulating, anti-fungal fabric that holds a natural UV-protection. It’s beneficial for my children, but also for the environment. Maison de Mini is a fun, fresh and eco-friendly brand with colorful clothing to comfortably suit active and curious kids. All our garments are made out of sustainable bamboo and hemp and range from 3-6 months to 8 years.

What are some of your tips to help moms maintain their style post-kids?

It’s hard, but I think women should try not to lose it in the first place. When we are pregnant we are tired and sick, but I really think women should have fun dressing up your baby bump! I felt so powerful and sexy and my husband loved it! After having kids, look after yourself and continue to nurture your unique identity and style. It’s really important not to forget who we are outside of being a mom! On that note, put your mental health first. I know if I’m not good I can’t be helpful for anyone including my husband or kids.

3 pearls of wisdom


Sleep when you can.


Have patience.


Try to have a nice bath by yourself with no kids interrupting!

xx Urbana Chappa
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