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The Revelry Co was born when a hobby for designing and styling awesome parties turned into a career. Co-Founders Jaime Holm and Rachel Miller tell us how it all began, what brings an event from good to great, and how they manage to plan the perfect parties, take their business in exciting new directions, and manage mama life at the same time. 


First, tell us about how The Revelry Co began.

Jaime: It all began 15 years ago when Rachel and I met when we were both living in LA. She was going to design school and I was working on my music career. Fast forward 7 years to when we ran back into each other while living in Chicago with our families.  We thought it was so funny that we both ended up there, but little did we know we’d meet up yet again in another city on the other side of the country. Skip ahead two years and both of our husbands accepted jobs in San Francisco. We took it as a sign that we were meant to be best friends / business partners, and that’s when The Revelry Co was born.


How has your mission evolved over time?

Rachel: We initially thought we were just event planners, but as we figured out what we were passionate about, we realized that what really motivated us was our love for inspiring people to gather together and create their own magic moments.

Do you approach your editorial work in a different way than events? In what ways are the two types of projects similar?

Jaime: When we’re working on an editorial project, our main focus is design and visual storytelling. With events, it’s more about the experience and creating memorable moments for the guests. The similarity is that they both have to look PRETTY! 


Where do you find inspiration?

Rachel: Living in the beautiful Bay Area, we tend to pull a lot of inspiration from nature and the eclectic vibe of SF. Many of our party locations are what inspire the theme and design. Also, because we have big families full of little kids, we are constantly inspired by their playfulness and bright happy spirits.


Please share your best tips for creating a perfect tablescape!

Jaime: Our motto is, “More is more!” Haha! But seriously, we’re drawn to lots of levels, textures, and repeating colors.  Flowers are always a good idea, and you can never go wrong with candles.

What do you do to make event guests feel special?

Rachel: We love to add personalized elements to our parties! Whether it be a name card, a favor, or a unique experience they can participate in, it’s all about making them feel remembered and loved.


You recently launched your new Lifestyle and Entertaining website, tell us more about that.

Jaime: Like we mentioned before, we realized one of our passions was inspiring others to gather together and create magical moments with the people they love most. This new extension of The Revelry Co will help us do exactly that! We will have everything on our site, from featuring our favorite salad plates to the menu at our Lobster Bake.


How does your business allow for unique opportunities to support other women?

Rachel: We have been so fortunate to work with some of the most talented women! We collaborate everyday with photographers, florists, bakers, and designers who are all at the top of their game. We love supporting each other, and we feel so lucky to be in a community where women build each other up and help each other succeed!


With 8 kids between the two of you, we know the juggle must get real. As mamas, how do you keep your tanks full enough to keep bringing creativity to your work life and lots of love into your home life?

Jaime: Haha! The struggle is REAL! Luckily, we have each other to lean on. Because we both have four kids each, we completely understand the balance and commitment it takes on every front. When one of us is depleted, the other is quick to pick up the slack! We are both on the same page —  being a mom is our top priority.

How do you talk with your kids about your work life?

Rachel: Fortunately, our family life and work life overlap. We’re able to throw cute parties for our kids and make them feel included!


3 pearls of wisdom


Have a special moment each day with your kids. It could be something as simple as grabbing their faces and telling them how much you love them, really looking into their eyes so they know you mean it.


Cherish these moments — they’re only little once.


If you keep your expectations low, you will usually exceed them. Don’t beat yourself up about occasionally dropping the ball; we’ve all been there!

xx Jamie Holm x Rachel Miller
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