HeyMama is proud to share H&M’s new Role Models campaign, an ode to young advocates standing up as leaders.. The worldwide initiative will identify and support young social, environmental, and civic role models by championing their endeavors and uplifting their incredible stories. At a time of such profound collective uncertainty, HeyMama and H&M believe that the world needs to embrace the optimistic, collaborative, free-thinking spirit of kids. 

H&M worked with double Oscar-nominated director Bryan Buckley to craft a short-film that urges the world to talk and rethink traditional role models. The mini-movie highlights young role models from around the world, including but certainly not limited to: 11-year-old Tenzin, 5-year-old Jewel, 12-year-old Henrique, and 11-year-old Ryan. The film opens with the children sharing what they believe to be the biggest problem in the world right now and, as you can imagine, their answers are as stark as their realities.

The film’s purpose is to illustrate how young people view adults today, while evoking the central idea that the leadership and the urgency for change we need is within them. This purpose is clearly articulated in the film’s segment that showcases the young role models’ aspirations for a better future.

“I think grownups can learn many different things from kids. But something that I always say, is kids, they are pure. When they are born they have, like, already a connection to nature. And they lose this connection throughout life,” one role model shares.

And while this past year has undoubtedly been difficult on all adults, especially those of us with children, keeping the plights facing our children racism, bullying, climate change, access to health care, access to quality education at the forefront of our minds and the center of our collective political, personal, communal, and advocacy efforts is paramount. It’s far too easy for us to overlook the struggles of today’s youth to pass them off as inconsequential or short-lived when in reality they are facing the ramifications of our actions, and sometimes our inaction, and we must meet them in these moments to best help our youth succeed. 

H&M wants us all to rethink our role models and call for others to join the movement to uplift kids as the role models we all truly need. HeyMama and H&M want us all to encourage people to share their own role model story as inspiration to others and bring forward kids’ potential and purpose. 

To join the movement, visit hm.com/kids and nominate a remarkable role model. Later this year, the brand will spotlight their efforts and create awareness for how the broader community can join in their work.

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