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The day we met the Marc Fisher team, we felt such synergies in our goals and brand missions, it was like meeting our spirit animal in a brand. After a heated conversation on the future for women, they shared details on how they motivate women to take action with their #MakeYourMarc campaign and how it helps women in philanthropy by providing grants. We immediately knew we had to partner with Marc Fisher to get the word out. As a community of women who care deeply about the impact that we are making on this world, we want to start a conversation around how we as individuals can make difference, but also how can we motivate others to do the same. How do you make a difference, all the while raising kids and juggling life you ask?  To find out we decided to host a panel with mamas who are out there doing just that to find out how they are making things happen.

We started our Thursday morning off at a private location with a collective of women who were so passionate and inspiring, that there was no coffee needed – besides maybe a very small latte. Jacq Tatelman, Co-Founder of Camp Power and State Bags, Becky Fawcett Founder and President of Helpusadopt.org, and Kelly Zajfen, Co- Founder of Alliance of Moms and Heart Ambassador for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles brought tears and smiles during the discussion about how they all are able to make an impact while juggling family and life.

Guests nibbled on breakfast and coffee while perched on the edge of their seats and at the close of the event, had the opportunity to nominate a woman they know who is creating change for a chance to win $2,000 grant from the #MakeYourMarc campaign. Help continue this movement by nominating and inspiring mama you know here!

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