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The thought of going back to work after having twins can be a daunting one. Is it even possible to be a working mom breastfeeding twins? Nobody will tell you that working full time with infant twins is easy, but it is possible.

We talked to working moms with twins to find out how they did it. When looking for tips on working full time after twins, we went to the experts — actual working mothers of twins. As you read what these moms had to share, you will see some common thoughts that seem to make things run smoother.

Transitioning From Maternity Leave to Working Full-Time

When it’s time to leave the cocoon of your maternity leave and return to reality, it will probably be an emotional transition. Here are some ideas to consider that may make it easier for everyone:

  • Ease Back Into It. Some moms have had the opportunity to start back to work part-time for a few weeks before jumping into a 40-hour work week. This may be available if your employer is flexible.
  • Split It Up. Maybe you could negotiate a split schedule to work from home a day or two after your maternity leave. This would allow you to develop a routine less abruptly.
  • Tag Team It. Some couples can coordinate their schedules so one or the other of the parents are with the twins most of the time, with any overlap covered by daycare, a nanny or a family member sitter.

Breastfeeding and Pumping

Breastfeeding twins can be challenging under the best circumstances. Continuing to nurse twins when you are working full time takes ninja mama skills. Here are some tips from mamas who succeeded:

  • Before You Return to Work. The twin moms we spoke to all agreed that establishing a consistent nursing schedule was imperative to continue breastfeeding once you return to work.
  • Once You Return to Work. If you return to work at six to eight weeks, your twins will probably be on a three-hour feeding schedule. You will need to build pumping breaks into your work day every three hours to maintain your milk supply.
  • When You Get Home. You should nurse the babies as soon as you get home. Coordinate this with your caregiver so the twins are due to eat. If you nurse when you are home and bottle feed the pumped breast milk when you are at work, your milk supply will keep up with growth spurts.

Getting out of the House in the Morning

Preparation and organization are the mantras of twin mamas everywhere. Here’s how they do it:

  • The Night Before. Anything that can be done the night before should be done the night before. This includes packing the diaper bag, preparing bottles and having your clothes laid out for the next day.
  • The Morning. Getting up before the twins to shower, eat, do your hair and makeup is a game changer in avoiding morning madness. If all you need to do is get the twins ready to get out the door, it will be an easier feat than if you’re trying to get all three of you ready at the same time.
  • The Drop Off. Instead of taking diapers, wipes and formula to daycare every day, consider buying in bulk and dropping off a week’s supply every Monday instead.

Of course, every family situation is different. Glean what works for your circumstances and tweak it to fit your needs. And remember, all moms of twins tell us it gets easier as the babies get older. You got this, mama!



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