We tapped new mama (to baby #2) and CEO of Fridababy, Chelsea Hirschhorn, to share her top 5 baby gifts for second time mamas.

A lot changes with baby #2… you’re a bit wiser, a lot less nervous, and care less about the “hot new product” noise and instead become more laser focused on the thoughtful, time-saving additions to your mom arsenal. Here are a few things that have either retained their staying power through #2 or emerged as saviors in this new chapter. These things will get way more play than that baby Gucci bikini you gave her for the first baby!


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BabyZen Yoyo Stroller

We’re on the go between Miami and New York quite frequently, so the portability of the shoulder strap and convenience of overhead storage is unrivaled. It transcends the boardwalk to the city streets perfectly – particularly with the new newborn attachment!

New Kids Books

The Book With No Pictures & The Day The Crayons Quit are personal faves because no matter how many you had the first time around, the 700th time you’re reciting it from memory, and while I love the classics, there have been some great new additions between my first and my second!

Recently App

I took thousands of photos of Hunter that just lived in my phone and I was petrified of losing them to the inevitable iCloud doomsday. This app automatically snail mails 100 pics from your camera roll to you every month in the form of a great little “Wallpaper-esque” magazine – no editing / no selection required – we’ve taken about 1/3 of the photos the second time around, but at least they live beautifully on our bookshelf now!

Baby Brezza Formula Pro

Since I stopped breast feeding, this brilliant formula “brewing” machine has been amazing – a total luxury – yes – but so worth the time hack in the morning when – between getting ready for work, Hunter dressed & out the door to camp and Jax fed – every second counts!

Fridababy Bitty Bundle of Joy Gift Kit!

A few years ago it was engagement and wedding gifts every other weekend. Now all of those friends are having babies, so we created this kit to make the hunt for the perfect shower gift a lot easier. It takes mom straight from postpartum care to boogers, butts & beyond, with all of our cult favorites (think NoseFrida to NailFrida and everything between) in one beautiful, giftable tote – with card and all! There’s a lot of pleasures in giving the gift you know she’ll actually use – and one less stop at the corner store for a gift bag and tissue paper means a few found minutes that day!

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