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As both a mother and one half of Nor-Folk, a graphic design-led lifestyle brand, I no doubt have an above average interest in children’s clothing and the associated seasonal trends. Like most mums, when my pride and joy was born, out went my clothing allowance for Acne and in came an influx of beautiful Bobo Choses vests for my son Stanley. She is now two years old, so when it comes to clothing, practicality is paramount to cater for his active and explorative ways. These five kids fashion trends are both unisex and perfect for the changing of the seasons. Check out more below:

Top Kids Fashion Trends

Forever a staple, the romper is practical and I love the current look book by Dutch brand Frankeys playground. They’re cool for spring/summer and yet still versatile enough for the colder months when paired with knitwear.
 kids fashion trends romper
Block Color
Recently launched brand Pala Mino are rocking the colour block in their debut collection. With a hint of sport infused with a mix of bold and muted hues, I’ve been eyeing up their collection for Stanley.
kids fashion trends blocked and black colors
A firm favorite in Stanley’s wardrobe, animals will be featuring throughout the coming season. With global reach, I love how Gardner and the Gang creates a character and a story to accompany each of their culturally diverse animals.
kids fashion trends animal prints
This popular standout trend will set you apart from the crowd with ultimate clarity. Our Nor-Folk kids tees look great as part of an all monochrome outfit or, indeed, with a splash of colour thrown in. Whether you go top-to-toe monochrome or integrate flashes of colour, be sure to put your own twist on it and don’t be afraid to accessorise.

kids fashion trends monochrome

Agatha Cub have caught my eye for their great use of print in their latest range. They capture the vibrance of childhood in their energetic pieces.
 kids fashion trends prints
I think it’s fair to say that I get as much pleasure, if not more, from choosing outfits for Stanley as I do for myself. Do I miss shopping at Acne? A little, but it’s all forgotten when I’m seeing my little man running around enjoying life and, of course, looking cute in his threads.
top kids fashion trends for minis
Hope you loved these top kids fashion trends as much as we do. To learn more about Fiona Burrage, check her out on Instagram, Nor-Folk’s website.
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