We all have that one friend who always has her finger on the pulse.  The one who tags us in the most beautiful Instagram photos, knows where to get the stiffest margarita in town, introduces us to the coolest up-and-coming designers, and generally feels responsible for keeping her homegirls up to speed on all things fabulous. Well, for all intents and purposes, today, you can consider me that friend; so come along and let me blow your mind with some of the most swoon-worthy Toronto brands that you never knew you always needed in your life – and don’t worry, they all ship internationally!


Line the Label (www.linethelabel.com@line_thelabel)

Line is a one-stop-shop for delightfully luxurious textiles in wonderfully wearable styles.  It is perfect for lounging around a chalet apres-ski, or tossing over your shoulders on a cool night at the lake house.  It’s also exactly what you want to reach for during those slightly less glamorous mom-moments (for instance, when you have to throw your screaming child in his stroller and hit the pavement for an impromptu ‘cool down’ walk around the city block).  It’s comfortable, effortless, timeless, and it’s designed and made in the city of Toronto.  Cool, eh?

Line The Label


SHOOSHA Truly Organic (www.shooshatrue.com@shooshatrue)

Shoosha is a Canadian-made skin care line created specifically for mamas and their babes, that is absolutely, positively USDA organic certified, and made with the purest & most gentle ingredients possible.  From eczema cream to laundry detergent, Shoosha is every chemical-avoiding mom’s dream in a bottle.  For mamas- to-be, I strongly suggest their Stretch Mark Serum, which I used religiously throughout my pregnancy to soothe my sensitive belly and ward off those pesky stripes (it worked in both respects, FYI!).



Ollie Jones (www.olliejonesclothing.com@olliejonesclothing)

Ollie Jones is an infant & children’s clothing company that was born out of a mama’s frustration over always coming up empty handed when she tried to find fun & functional baby tights for her son.  So what did she do?  She took matters into her own hands and created exactly want she wanted: trendy, stylish, uber comfortable baby clothes made right here in the city of Toronto out of 100% organic cotton.  Oh and did I mention that they’re actually the cutest friggin’ things EVER? Because they are.

ollie jones

JM & Sons (www.jmandsons.ca@jmandsons)

I couldn’t very well curate a list of awesome Toronto brands without including a very Canadiana line of hand worked, reclaimed wood furniture.  Best buddies and adventure seekers, Mackenzie and Andre (aka Junior) started out with an idea to create luxurious furniture that maintained an air of ruggedness, reflecting rural Canada’s natural beauty, and boy, did they ever hit the nail on the head (pun intended).  They have since expanded into lighting and the most beautifully masculine accessories that you ever did see.  They now ship worldwide, so everyone can enjoy a little piece of the Great White North right in the comfort of their homes.

JM & Sons


GUILD EYEWEAR  (www.guildeyewear.com@guildeyewear)

If you’re like me and you are physically incapable of NOT buying epic eyewear, then I strongly urge you to check out this insanely cool line of built-by-hand / Made in Toronto specs and sunnies.  They are fashioned from organic materials, completely hypoallergenic, totally biodegradable, and seriously badass.  Because they are made completely from scratch, you have the option of creating your very own bespoke glasses, ordering your desired frames to size, or even having any pair made in kid’s sizes!  Now nobody in the family has an excuse for wearing boring eyewear.

Guild Eyewear


So there you have it. See? Toronto isn’t just the birthplace of Drake and Justin Bieber (I’m pretty sure we’ve had to make a formal apology for the latter) – It is a place that supports creativity, breeds unique ideas, and does it all while being very clean and ridiculously polite.  While it has been said that Toronto is just like New York, but without all the stuff, I say, au contraire, my friend; we’ve got stuff.  We’ve got amazing stuff.  And now, hopefully, you’ll get to enjoy a little bit of what we have to offer, thanks to the miracles of credit cards and online shopping – can I get an Amen?

About Nikita: 

Nikita is a freelance writer/blogger from Toronto, Canada whose no-holds-barred blog, www.oohnikita.com, provides hilariously honest commentary on the trials and tribulations of life avec bébé. Check her out on Instagram and on her heymama profile

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