When transitioning from working in the fashion industry in New York City to a working-from-home mom in Texas, I promised myself that I wouldn’t let my whole closet go to waste in exchange for a few rotating pairs of yoga pants. (Not that there is anything wrong with yoga pants, there is definitely a time and place for them, as well!) Almost three years into motherhood and two precious little boys later, I have found my stride in mixing my former working wardrobe with casual elements that help me feel comfortable in my own skin and just plain comfortable. At some point in recent decades, traveling has become an excuse for people to literally wear their sleepwear in public. I, however, am from the belief system that if you are over the age of two, that is probably not appropriate. (With a few exceptions that include an overnight flight, for example.) That being said, I have found a way to travel with kids in comfort without sacrificing style. With this simple airport style formula, anyone can pull it off!

travel with kids
1. Bottoms up!: I always wear pants when traveling because I am usually cold on planes. Reach for
a stretching skinny jeans or equally stretching and comfortable skinny black pant.
2. Layer, layer!: Depending on if I am still nursing or not, I will wear a comfortable knit or button up top (the later if I am nursing). They don’t wrinkle; it’s comfortable, but presentable. (Check, check and check!)
3. Top it off: Next, I layer on a light piece of outerwear. A structured blazer adds more of a polished look to an otherwise casual outfit, but a cute boyfriend cardigan is also a perfect addition. (I have a camel cape that has travel the world with me, literally.) This item serves two purposes for me because it adds an element of style to a simple wardrobe, but it also will keep you warm on an air-conditioned plane. (If I am still nursing, I prefer to go with a cape or drapy cardigan that can also provide some additional privacy, when needed.)
4. Kick off your heels: Literally, don’t wear heels. Find a cute pair of flat slides that can easily be removed when going through security and are comfortable when lugging children and bags around the airport.
5. Bag lady: Between the car seat, stroller and (not to mention) kids, your hands are quiet literally full. I always stick to one roller bag (and make sure to check it at the curb) for my luggage, a simple cross-body bag (to easily access important documents) and a diaper bag or backpack for the kids. (If you have a toddler, let them carry their in flight entertainment in their own carryon. For babies, you will obviously need a lightweight diaper bag with all the essentials.)
6. Keep it Simple: Now is not the time to accessorize. A watch and a dainty necklace are all you need.
Now you are ready for take off!

travel with kids

Safe travels,
 Caroline Knapp
travel with kids
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