There’s no denying that “mummy blogs” are a dime a dozen, but what makes the select few a success? Have you ever considered to turn your blog into a business? While most mamas start blogging as a visual diary or creative outlet between mashing banana and googling poo color, many hold onto that little pipe dream that it could turn into something more lucrative. We begin to fantasize about working from home- laptop in one hand, baby wipe in the other- running an empire without getting out of our PJs. The ultimate work-life balance, right?!

Well, that was me two and a half years ago. I set out to combine my background in writing and marketing with my love of fashion, style and photography. At the time I couldn’t find many resources that spoke to the type of mum I was- I loved and embraced motherhood, but also placed importance on my sense of self and style. I knew there were so many new-gen mamas out there who felt the same- and that was how NOT SO MUMSY was born.

Since then I have worked with some of the biggest brands in Australia, been invited to travel the world by resorts and airlines,  featured on television, in and on the cover of national magazines and in the last six months I have learnt more than I did working full time as Marketing Manager at a television network. I’m not sharing this because I’m an egotistical wank – it’s very un-Australian to celebrate your own success

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