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Have you ever met someone for the first time and instantly felt like you’ve known them for years? They have a certain ease and gracious way of making you feel right at home? That’s precisely what happened when we showed up on the Calabasas doorstep of model, mama and designer, TyLynn Nguyen.

When we were looking for someone to help us host the ultimate playdate to celebrate the launch of Coterie, a new premium baby care brand that created the highest quality diaper on the market, we knew that TyLynn would be game. Eager to share her experiences with her circle of close-knit gal pals, this mama of three loves to keep things playful yet chic with a relaxed air that only comes to someone who is confident to the core.

Fresh off the re-launch of her self-titled, covetable line of lingerie, we sat down with TyLynn to learn how she does it all. Read on…

I think it’s safe to say you are a “girl’s girl”. You surround yourself with powerful and inspiring women and you’ve made it your mission to lift others up. Where do you think you developed this passion?

Thank you! Honestly I just love people. Also I respect the anointing on other people’s lives. I feel like the deeper I got in my spiritual journey, the more I realized what my gifts are and how we are all connected. I’ve always naturally uplifted people. It’s in my nature and maturing has taught me to uplift freely so I can receive blessings freely. 


Do you have any rituals or daily practices to keep you from feeling overwhelmed and feeling your best?

I read the morning scripture in my bible app and Joel Osteens word of the day. Starting the day with positive affirmations: I am blessed, I am prosperous, I am the head and not the tail, I am strong, I am built for this journey, I am beautiful  —really set me on the course for a positive day and overall life experience.

TyLynn Nguyen and her son Hunter

We loved spending time with your three little ones; Lotus (7), Czar (4) and Hunter (19 months). What is most important to you in your role as their mama? Do you have any parenting hacks you can share?

My most important role as mama is leaving them a legacy. I want them to prosper in all ways. God put them here for a reason and I take my role very seriously. Some things I believe are important are providing the proper education, love, being in nature, extra curricular activities, recognizing their strengths and weaknesses, teaching them compassion, and providing them with a community. I am blessed to be able to do all of these things for them. A parenting hack of mine is making sure there is a place for everything in the house. Consistency and clean up time too. I work hard always so that they can be comfortable and happy but also allow them to feel involved in the day to day movement in our home and even errands. Including them in my world makes me feel like we have created a deeper bond, like they know they belong here. 


Involving your kids in the household is key! You and your husband Bee have an insanely gorgeous, self-titled, lingerie line that is feminine yet sleek and you just relaunched it this past year. How did you decide upon this particular business? What plans do you have to grow the business if any?

I had a teacher in school who told me about the importance of starting on the inside and being that I was a fashion student, it felt natural to start with lingerie. I have many plans to grow my business! Of course! I think I’m just to the point where I am going to do it instead of talk about it.

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We can’t wait! What advice do you give to other women who want to start their own business?

It takes a lot of capital but it’s there for you somewhere. You are mighty and if it’s placed in your heart, it will come to pass. Just keep going! 


What has been the most surprising thing you’ve learned through running your own business? 

It’s taught me a lot about myself, given me more patience, and helped me to become solution oriented.


Let’s talk about social media. What are your thoughts on it and how much time do you spend scrolling, posting and commenting every day?

I love it. But I have other responsibilities besides social. I think balance is key and finding inspiration. If you aren’t inspired or feel bad about yourself get off of social and be in nature. As far as how much time I spend? My app says 3 hrs today! LOL!

TyLynn Nguyen and her son, Hunter

We know that your father has played an important role in building your character and has imparted some incredible life lessons to you over the years. Tell us more about your relationship with him and how it has shaped you. 

My dad is my best friend. He taught me the importance of caring for myself well and being an intellectual woman with a point of view. With any new projects I got myself into as a teenager, my dad was always rooting for me and telling me I could do it. The time that I spend with my dad I feel like I always learn something, things that he wants to teach me so I can be ahead at my age. 


You have a natural ability to draw a coterie of incredible women around you. How do you make time for the people closest to you and nurture these relationships? 

Thank you! I feel like putting together playdates (like the one I did in partnership with Coterie) helps me to spend time with my close girlfriends and helps us to create community for our children. That’s what I love about partnering with HeyMama and Coterie — you made the playdate planning super easy!


Awww! Thank you! You mentioned that you used to try to hide your height and strength, trying to not draw attention to yourself, but now you own your confidence and stand tall. Was there an experience that shifted your perspective and helped you embrace your power?

I think any girl who is tall is going to go through a moment where she wants to fit in with the short girls who are having boyfriends in their teens and then when you become an adult you realize that your individuality is what makes you special. I know that my uniqueness; my height, my personality, my appearance, my background, everything is unique to what I need for my journey. What helped me to embrace my power was God and still is God. I know that I have a purpose here and because I feel so strongly connected to God, I feel like I can’t let him down by putting myself down. I feel I have to honor him with my excellence that he’s given to me.

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You recently launched a YouTube channel where you talk about fashion, beauty, travel and motherhood. What inspired you to start this and where do you see yourself taking your personal brand beyond YouTube?

I see this YouTube channel as an opportunity for the people who are drawn to me to get a behind the scenes look into my life and to find inspiration for themselves from my life experiences in philosophy. I think that my personal brand on YouTube has so much potential and we’re working on a few things now where I know all I really need to do is walk this journey out.


Your husband is not only your business partner, he’s your best friend. What do you do to keep your family foundation so strong?

We keep our foundation strong by communicating. I think in order to have a healthy relationship you have to have two healthy individuals. I think the reason we work so well is because we like being together, we love being together, but if we weren’t together or are apart in different cities we are comfortable being by ourselves — we are equals.

TyLynn Nguyen and her kids; Lotus, Czar and Hunter

3 pearls of wisdom


Enjoy your children. Always think I don’t want to look back and have missed all the fun stuff with my kids.


Spend time with your children. Don't be so caught up in the frivolous that you missed those important 20 minutes of conversation that help to get to know your kids just that much more.


Encourage your children. If you don’t give your children the foundation of their identity when they’re little i.e. encouragement, then you risk the chance of them getting involved in things they don’t mean to be involved in.

xx TyLynn Nguyen
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