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‘Tis the season to slow down, get together with family and friends, stuff our faces, and hopefully, unplug for a bit. This season also has us thinking about what we are grateful for, and, yes, it’s all about our family and loved ones, but we also have to give props for the little things in life that make the juggle that much easier. Read on to check out the 32¬†things team heymama is grateful for this year.


Katya Libin, Co-Founder and CEO

1. Instacart because Costco now delivers, and I do want 36 apples.

2. My co-founders’ nanny, for picking up our girls every Tuesday for Girl Scouts, allowing this mama to focus on work.

3. Almonds. Favorite snack ever.¬†I‘ve never had just a handful but whose counting?

4. Moving into a new apartment building where a fellow heymama lives! Hello, instant wine and chocolate time, plus being close-by to a mama I can count on.

5. DrybarРI feel like a movie star every single time!

6. Liliana’s three kiss rule. Every time¬†I¬†drop her off or pick her up, she asks for three kisses.¬†Now¬†if she could just follow my other rules.

Amri Kibbler, Co-Founder and Creative Director

7. Amazon Prime.

8. Bedtime snuggles.

9. When I find leftovers in the fridge. 

10. Wine.

11. That my kids eat so much fruit.

12. Wet, mouthy kisses from my kids.

13. That my husband puts up with my sh*t.

Nancy Deane, Senior Editor

14. The Book of the Month Club for keeping me well read.

15. Slack (just kidding). Enough said.

16. Palm trees that keep my Instagram feed looking exotic.

17.¬†Alexa¬†for the timer to get my kids to do things‚Ķ”two more minutes till bedtime!”

18. Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food. It’s my kryptonite. Try it.


Bianca Rosembert, Editorial Assistant

19. Medium-sized caramel lattes with almond milk.

20. Under eye concealer to hide my tired eyes.

21. Black trousers that go with every top that I own.

22. My oversized comforter.

23. Headphones for music especially on the days the conductor announces train delays.


Tara Fraser, Brand Partnerships + Programming

24. TheRealReal.com for allowing me to afford designer clothing and shop from the comfort of my own home (aka braless/pantless).

25. Facebook birthday alerts because I would otherwise be the horrible friend who forgets everyone’s birthday (including some of my best friends).

26. My dog, Rufus, who allows me to vent to him without ever talking back and always being as excited as me when we see each other.

27. Workout tights for making my butt look better than it actually is.

28. The Real Housewives of everywhere for mindless entertainment and a reminder that I am sane(ish).


Serena Norr, Content Director

29. My 5:30am gym classes. Yes, it‚Äôs insane but this is my ‚Äėme time.‚Äô

30. Google calendar to help me keep track of the chaos.

31. Having a babysitter that can handle three kids.

32. Living five minutes away from¬†Target. ‘Cause there’s always something I need and don’t need.

What about you, mama? What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving and everyday?

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