If you landed here, you may be wondering why mothers working today need a community.  We spent a lot of time wondering the same thing, usually alone on our computers late at night, still working and hoping that there’s more than the work, kids, bedtime routine, work, sleep routine. In a world where moms are expected to do it all while still managing 3/4 of the housework, how’s a lady to keep the fire burning?

One day we realized the truth at the core of this community: when like minded, unapologetic, smart, professional and entrepreneurial mom connect, we all shine brighter. It’s like human coffee. In an instant, we understood. The juggle is real and that we literally won’t get through this shit without sticking together.

So in real world terms, what is it that mothers need?

While we can’t speak for all moms, we now have over 1,200 members within the community that do tell us what they want and need. We also look to our own experience building a company while raising kids (not knowing how to do either). Here’s what we’ve learned in building this community…and what you might get out of joining a community like HEYMAMA.


We crave it like we need air. It’s how we’re hardwired. Mothers are natural gatherers. HEYMAMA has adapted what mothers have been doing for thousands of years into a tribe for mothers in business (and who mean business). These women want to connect to learn, grow, inspire and be inspired by others. They connect to collaborate, to share stories, to share laughs (and maybe even cries). The connections made translate into real opportunities for women in our community,  who meet friends, supporters, and clients that become part of their village.  At HEYMAMA we live for new connections and fostering them within our community. That’s why our team is hands on introducing, welcoming and inviting new members into the community. You’ll get to know mamas like Kelly Zafjen, twin mama, entrepreneur and our Head of Community.  As well as Lauren Sweeney, single mama to Phi and our Head of Content.  See, we’re not just adding you to a database, our team is passionate about getting to know our members and helping you feel right at home. Our members can connect by logging on to heymama.co and searching for other member profiles by industry or location, meeting in real life at our events, or logging on to our forum for real-time support, questions, feedback, and resources.


When we connect in person we’re instantly inspired, but sometimes we can’t leave our desks or our homes. HEYMAMA gets that ambitious moms are the busiest woman on the planet. So we’ve created monthly digital programming with incredible speakers like Regan Walsh, Katia Beuachamp, Alli Webb and other badass mamas to talk to our community about the skills and knowledge they’ve gained through impressive careers. Lauren, mentioned above, is deeply committed to sharing tribe stories on your career, and your lifestyle, because we know being a working mom today doesn’t mean the rest of your world has ended. In fact, we believe it’s only begun.  Our weekly newsletter provides a regular dose of inspiring interviews from founders, practical business tips and member curated lifestyle experiences.  Not to mention, we are always finding ways to spotlight impressive members and how they did it. Is that you?


HEYMAMA connects thousands of women a year in real life. Yep, not just online. With over 85 events per year, ranging from small women’s circles to 200+ mama panel discussions, our goal is to give you events that help fuel your hustle. Events you leave feeling amazing about yourself from. Our events take place in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Denver, San Francisco and we’re growing exciting new chapters in Chicago and D.C. Even if you are outside these cities, you can take part in our active online community every day. But we sure love getting to see our members share beautiful hugs as they talk about their meetings, kids and everything in between. You can check out our events calendar here to find upcoming events in your city.


When we started HEYMAMA, we had very little knowledge on how to build a business. As first time entrepreneurs, the prospect of starting a company was almost as intimidating as having our first kid. Having a business is very much like a baby: it needs the most attention when it’s born. That first year is the warrior year, just like motherhood. What we quickly learned is that resources were everything. Not a day went by that we didn’t need someone to help us with some aspect of the business. From legal, to accounting, to graphic design, web development, event spaces, photographers, influencers, food ideas, the list was ENDLESS. Every time, what took us the most time was the part that felt like it should be the most simple: finding the right resource.  So as we grew our community, we found that one of the best ways to save entrepreneur’s time is to give them a really fast way to get help from each other. What if we gathered thousands of women that had the answers and created space for them to shared them? In a nutshell, that’s what HEYMAMA is today. When you join HEYMAMA, you are connected with some of the smartest and most experienced entrepreneurs in the world. Don’t make the same mistakes they did (and hey, they’ve ALL made them). Let the community know about the challenge keeping you up at night. Connect with your industry. You’ll be blown away by the support on our forums, where there is no such thing as a stupid question.


Although learning how to mom is quite intuitive, we haven’t found it’s the same with business. There are simply skill sets, data points, information and best practices we need to learn to stay ahead of the game. Since many of us do not have the time to go back to school, or may be switching and pivoting careers, we’ve made it our mission to create programming that helps our members learn. From workshops on understanding your customer, to learning how to navigate a raise at your company when you return from maternity leave at our Office Mamas panel, joining HEYMAMA gives you the edge.

If you have any questions about how our membership for mothers in business works, or if you’re wondering whether you fit in, we accept members in senior level corporate roles, promising early stage founders, established entrepreneurs, influential creatives and influencers and freelancing badasses. Learn more about our members here. If you’re looking at our website and you dig the vibe, message and mission, this community is probably for you.

Your tribe is waiting. Apply today and don’t be shy if you have any questions.


Photo by Courtney Studios.


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