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If there’s one common denominator in motherhood, it’s that none of us have nearly enough energy to do all of the things we’d like to. Whether it’s working out, cooking more, writing, developing a side hustle, or spending more quality time with the kids, nearly every mama could answer the “what would you do with more energy” question pretty readily. So, I asked the HEYMAMA community– starting with Co-Founders Katya Libin and Amri Kibbler.

Amri is wearing Trot Walking Shoes by Evolve. Photos by Stevi Sesin


Amri shared that she would pour that extra energy into her kids and have a next level dance party.  She said “I’d turn off all my technology and turn up the music really loud. I love dancing with my kids but they usually have 30% more energy than me and can go for hours. River especially loves to dance and her moves just crack me up, with her butt bumping and twisting. There is no better mood lifter, de-stressor or all around good for you feeling than letting loose and laughing with your kids. The dance party often turns into a wrestling match or a pony ride party, but not matter what we do when I’m 100% present with my girls everything make perfect sense.” With her Trot Walking Shoes Amri definitely has the energy she needs to keep up with her girls. The lightweight ultra-cushioning and exclusively engineered footbed keeps you moving all day long. 

Katya is wearing Trot Walking Shoes by Evolve. Photos by Stevi Sesin


Marie Kondo’s KonMari method is trending right now, and Katya is all in on it. Or, she would be if she had the time. With a little extra energy Katya would organize her whole house, with Marie Kondo’s principles as her guide. Katya’s Trot Walking Shoes by Evolve deliver more energy return than conventional EVA footbeds with an exclusively engineered footbed. Meaning she’s got a little bit extra energy to KonMari her home! For those not familiar, the KonMari method helps unclutter mental, emotional, and physical energy. Spending extra energy working through a method that ultimately frees up even more energy is definitely a mama boss move. 


After asking Katya and Amri to share what they’d do with more energy, I informally polled our member forums to find out what mamas in our community would do with a little boost. We heard a few responses that aligned with Katya and Amri’s. The KonMari method came up a few times, and mamas shared all kinds of activities they would do with their kids! Read on to find out what mamas from out community would do with an energy boost.


Work the life changing magic of tidying up, mama style

“If I had more energy, I’d Marie Kondo my entire house! Organizing and getting rid of things we don’t use or need is always on my to-do list, but is one of the first things to fall to the wayside simply because I don’t have the time to do it and when I do, it’s the last thing I want to do.”

Jamie Han


“On my list is better documenting my girls lives, their milestones and our family trips both digitally and DIY with some scrapbooking.”

Liz Anthony


“Fill out the baby books I purchased before my twins were born. They turn one in two weeks and I haven’t even opened them!”

Nikki Elkins

Activities with kids

“I would learn and practice Tae Kwan Do with my kids on weekends!”

Maria Shifrin


“I would invite my kid’s friends over more to make cookies, watch movies and just enjoy them and get to know their friends better!”

Sarah Clark


“I would love to add more quality time with each of my four children and husband and a little more fitness to my hectic life.”

Lauren King

“I actually aspire to make more art with my kids. I am a painter and my 5 year old daughter Mila is making incredible works of art already in marker. Seeing her make art, makes me want to make more myself and with her. I would love to have a few extra hours every week to spend making art with her and getting my 3 year old son Caspian immersed in his own practice. I have been putting out the intention to try to set aside an afternoon once a week for creative time with them. It would be a gift for all of us.”

Jana Blankenship


“Tap Dance classes with entire family! Becoming the Von-Taps if you will.”

Morgan Hutchinson


“Slow down and spend more time enjoying the little moments with my son instead of always trying to multitask. I know there will come a day when I will miss bedtime stories and bath time and will wish I could go back to these days.”

Larinna Cothren


“I would put all of my extra energy towards more activities with the kids. I feel like that’s what I am usually lacking energy for. I would love to do a big baking project. Or make pasta from scratch. Make a real mess in the kitchen!”

Leeann Rybakov


“My time is tight these days so any free time I have has been focused on my husband + three daughters. I’d like to find more time for philanthropy with our girls…Illuminating ways we can give back to the community. Both for the benefit of the community, but to add texture to the lives of our girls and to fill our souls with authenticity + gratitude.”

Casey Georgeson


“I think I would play outside more with my kids, especially in the winter! I always put it off and I know this time with the little ones is so special.”

Megan Sullivan


“If I had more energy I would host parent and kid get togethers with the intention to foster a community that evolves outside of your general area of interest or where you live. I would also grow my photography business and spend time learning a language and work out! I envy the moms that can make their daily work out or pilates class.”

Christina Cervantes


“With more energy, I would create a kitchen garden with my daughter, where we could grow our own vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers. She would learn and create and I would have fresh produce to serve and flowers every day! (a win win)”

Fie Isolde Rode Baek


Have a little more fun!

“If I’d had a little more energy I would go for an all night long party and dance the night away, get sweaty and feel all the feels!”

Louise Heite


“I would definitely go on more date nights with my husband and stay out late without worrying about being tired the next day!”

Alin Sedge


“With more energy I would actually have date night more often!”

Dini Klein

Cook and entertain more

“If I could tap into unlimited energy I would spend more time in the kitchen, cooking yummy, healthy meals!”

Molly Holm


“I would bake more! I appreciate food very much and have romantic ideas of the kids and I making delicious homemade croissants. Would serve them at a fun brunch with kids and friends and a gorgeous table. Insert romantic sigh…”

Kodi Berg


“ I’d cook more! I’d put much more TLC into the meals I prepare for my family and research fun recipes, make more exciting meals and even cook more with my kids. I feel my repertoire is kind of boring but doable. With more energy (and time) I’d become chef extraordinaire!”

Penny Goffman


“With more energy, I would cook more, entertain more, and do more new activities with my husband and son. By the time the weekend rolls around, I am so exhausted I just want to lay low!”

Andrea Madril


“If I had more energy I would devote more time to cooking, I secretly am a chef! HA! I love food, and making delicious and healthy meals is a long time passion of mine. I would love nothing more than this, just knowing that my family is having fresh food made by me makes me happy. Also, having time to make HAPPY HOUR with my girls every once in awhile would be nice!”

Claudia Martin



“I would bring my daughter to Disneyland on my own, and host more creative projects with other makers!”

Marie Miao


“I would travel so much more!”

Monica Abney


Sleep less…and make the most of the time kids spend sleeping

“Stay up past 9pm.”

Nicole Bray


“I’d wake up earlier! The things I get done when the kids are still asleep…endless!”

Kristiana Tarnuzzer


“I would stay up late after the kids go to sleep and finish everything on my ever growing to-do list, instead of just falling asleep with them!”

Alison Mitzner


“I would make better use of the time I had after my daughter goes to sleep at night. I would do work (maybe even get ahead!), clean up, prepare meals for the next day, enjoy a night with my husband.”

Stefanie Schoen


Write a book

“If I had more energy I would write a book. I love historical fiction and I have my great aunt’s hand written notes of my family history starting in the early 1900s in Europe. I’ve started transcribing them to digital in fits and starts but I would love to have the energy to get up an hour earlier each morning and work on finishing that and then mapping out the plot line to tweak into a historical fiction novel.”

Michelle Zara Evans


Perhaps, all of this thinking about what we’d do with more energy will inspire a few of us to get out there and do it. With our comfortable Evolve footwear, we feel like we could conquer the world. The energy return from the responsive cushioning and lightweight materials makes life as a busy mom just a little bit easier. And what would I do with more energy? Like Michelle, I’d write more.

For a little energy boost to help get it all done, check out Evolve.

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