Obviously, what unites all of us here at HEYMAMA is, well, being mamas. Each of us has that one (or two, or three, or four…) beautiful, remarkable person in our lives who both keeps us up at night and is our reason to get up in the morning. But HEYMAMA isn’t just about motherhood — it’s also a community and a platform for women in business to support and empower one another. What makes being a HEYMAMA member such a unique experience is that joining our tribe can be rewarding emotionally and professionally.   


Often, mamas considering joining HEYMAMA ask us what kinds of qualities we’re looking for in new members. In all honesty, the answer isn’t simple. And that’s because working moms aren’t simple — because you’re not simple. 


So let’s start by going over what being a HEYMAMA member isn’t about:  


Being a HEYMAMA member isn’t just for certain women with certain kinds of jobs. It’s not about income, or status, or where you live. It’s not about having perfect hair and designer shoes. We don’t believe these traits are the best ways to characterize or understand someone. And they’re definitely not all you have to offer.


So what is HEYMAMA about?


Our members are women who believe wholeheartedly in the power of community. We believe two heads are better than one, especially when those two heads equally understand the struggle of balancing work life and mama life. Although our membership includes mamas working across a variety of different industries, a common thread across all of them is the unrelenting drive and passion our members bring to their careers. HEYMAMA members are motivated — they don’t let their dreams stay dreams. Ultimately, our members are mamas who don’t accept the idea that motherhood should be some kind of disadvantage in the business world. Our mamas are proud to be who they are.  


Does all of that describe you to a T? Then we’d love to get to know you more. If you’d like to get to know us more, check out our Instagram where we’re always featuring badass mamas from our community. Or posting pics from our amazing events across the country. Or just sharing a good laugh.


We work every day to make sure our HEYMAMA members have the support to be successful. Being part of the HEYMAMA tribe means both giving and receiving that support. 


If you’re interested in joining us in that mission, please head to the apply page. We can’t wait to welcome you into the community.


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