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Entrepreneurial moms are facing a slew of unparalleled challenges as the country continues to grapple with a global pandemic. Whether it’s keeping their businesses afloat, tending to their families while sheltering in place, and facilitating at-home e-learning, business-owning moms have never been busier — or more alone. This is a challenge we’re taking very seriously and addressing proactively: HeyMama’s Mama Matchmaking event is back to provide business-owner moms a community of other like-minded entrepreneurs to foster connection, offer guidance, and create lasting relationships that benefit moms personally and professionally.

And while we’re all undoubtedly tired of Zoom meetings, Mama Matchmaking is one more screen session worth logging on for — it’s exactly what entrepreneurial moms need at a time of high burnout, economic uncertainty, and isolation. Whether it’s combating quarantine loneliness or creating opportunities for mutually beneficial relationships with other entrepreneurs, here are just a few of the many reasons why Mama Matchmaking is a must-attend networking event during quarantine. 

1. It’s a great way for introverts to meet people 

If you’re not big on large gatherings under normal circumstances, Mama Matchmaking provides the perfect opportunity to meet new people without the added pressure of “being on.” While extroverts will feel totally in their element too, the setup and overall atmosphere of the event will be just as inviting to introverts. You don’t have to be outgoing, loud, or overly engaging to reap the benefits of Mama Matchmaking.

2. It combats quarantine loneliness 

COVID-19 has made it difficult if not impossible for us to spend any physical time with our friends, mom groups, coworkers, employees, or any other member of our “village.” So even when quarantined with our families, the era of coronavirus has made it that much easier for all of us to feel isolated and alone. And of course, loneliness is an even larger issue for single moms, but honestly, we are all feeling it. 

Mama Matchmaking not only encourages community, it sets the foundation for which that community can continue to grow and thrive. We’ve lost count of how many HeyMama members have made life-long friendships and professional relationships via our Mama Matchmaking events. If you’re feeling lonely and in need of interesting conversation, solidarity, and camaraderie, this event is undoubtedly for you.

3. It builds community at a time when community is most needed 

No one can understand the challenges entrepreneurial moms face in this moment like other entrepreneurial moms. Whether it’s coming up with sustainable reopening strategies to pivoting business plans to finding better ways to support their employees, a cohort of other business-owning moms are the best source of information, inspiration, and support. While a community of moms is important, to be sure, only a community of entrepreneurial moms can meet you where you are at this moment. 

4. Creates vital business contacts and cross-promotional opportunities

Nicki Radzely, co-founder and CEO of doddle & co  recently shared with us how valuable the connections she’s made at HeyMama events have been to the longevity and growth of her business. “I have found a friend at each event,” she says. “I have connected with women who now are a part of this team! I have been introduced through this group to people who I will have never had access to. I’ve been able to go to meetings with investors at HeyMama. It has been everything and the only community I am involved in, because it is all I need.”

5. Because your kids don’t understand B2B, bootstrapping, or scalability 

If you’re looking for ways to bootstrap during a recession, make an iteration in your business model, or cause a disruption in your field, well, your kids probably aren’t going to have any advice to throw your way (though, kids are pretty great at disrupting damn-near anything). In other words, when you need to talk, your kids aren’t going to cut it. A community of business-owning moms, on the other hand, are not only going to understand terms like “beta release” and “pitch deck” but can actually help you with both.

6. You’ll meet people with experience, knowledge, and the ability to help you navigate the difficulties of entrepreneurship 

No one needs to tell entrepreneurial moms how difficult things are right now. Instead, what entrepreneurial moms need to hear are ways to overcome the unique challenges they face. And of course, the best advice comes from learned experience. At Mama Matchmaking, you’ll have the opportunity to ask other entrepreneurial moms how they’ve managed to remain afloat, how they’ve maneuvered funds and pivoted their business to best meet the needs of their customers, and how they plan to re-open when it’s safe to do so.

7. Because we’re not meant to run businesses all on our own

There isn’t a single entrepreneur who has created their own business all on their own. Like parenting, business ownership relies on community; on a carefully curated “village” of other entrepreneurs and business-owners who can help you manage your business, your family, and every other aspect of your life you’re juggling simultaneously. We are not meant to do this alone. We’re meant to do this together.

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