As a parent, your job is to raise a disciplined, stable and loving adult of the little human you are in charge of. A crucial step in making this happen is bonding with your toddler. Being a working mother of a toddler, creating routines and rituals for your child when you are together is key at this stage of development. Studies show these routines and rituals are better for your child’s health, better for your marriage and better for your stress level.

Creating stability for your child by providing physical and emotional needs as well as playing and cuddling ensures a strong bond between parent and child. There are many ways a working mother can connect with her toddler. Because toddlers go through various stages, changes and preferences, how to bond with a toddler is an ever-changing process.


Working Mother Tips for Bonding With Your Toddler

Here are some fun things you can do to enhance and enjoy the bond you have with your toddler:

  • Read Together. Begin reading to your child early. This is a good way to wind down before bedtime, while encouraging your toddler to love books.
  • Play Together. Playing together stimulates a toddler’s’ imagination. Whether you are at the playground or on the living room floor, play is a form of expression for a toddler that gives you a unique look into their world.
  • Eat Together. Meals together is important family bonding, and it’s an opportunity to teach table manners and social graces. Of course, with a toddler, this is a work in progress.
  • Work Together. Giving age-appropriate opportunities for a toddler to help with household chores is a great bonding experience. It also teaches cooperation — and eventually, responsibility.
  • Sing Together. Singing together is a fun way to just be silly. Toddlers also memorize things easier when singing or being sung to — think ABC’s.
  • Dance Together. Dancing together enhances coordination, and it’s also good physical exercise for both of you. Put some music on and let loose.


Spending time with your toddler, no matter what the activity, is a chance to bond and create memories. Follow your child’s lead. Some days there will be pent up energy that needs to be burned off. Another day, a quiet activity is more the vibe. No matter how you choose to bond with your toddler, be sure to add plenty of hugs, kisses and cuddles to the mix.

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