Last Sunday, we threw a special supper on World Hunger Day with FEED to raise meals for hungry kids around the world and raise awareness of the issue. We were overwhelmed by the smart, strong, and giving women who sat at the table with us to support this cause. As women and mothers, we each feel so much when any child is endangered and it was beautiful evening to give back and be able to make a difference for these kids.

celebrating world hunger day with a FEED dinner

menu for the feed dinner with heymama

allie webb at heymama's FEED dinner

A beautiful dinner to celebrate world hunger day for FEED

The much anticipated to open new Tribeca restaurant, Yves, hosted our event and the food was incredible. As we enjoyed the delicious food and lovely flowers from Peartree Flowers, we decided to go around the table and have everyone introduce themselves. Every woman was more and more interesting, and the second we got to the end, there was a giant rush of conversation.

a delicious FEED dinner to raise money for World Hunger Day

img_4261-1 img_4685 img_4674

world hunger day FEED dinner

Guest Mignonne Gavigan treated each attendee to a stunning pair of earrings wrapped in a pretty black box at their seat. We ooohed and ahhhhed over the jewelry and the giant number of meals our evening was providing, which was written on each place setting. As everyone hugged to say goodbye, whisperings of “I never even knew I was looking for this.” and “I’ve finally found my tribe.” “These are my people”  were heard. Mamas we can’t wait to see you again either.

lauren bush lauren at the FEED dinner

a beautiful FEED dinner

world hunger day event and FEED dinner


FEED dinner to celebrate world hunger day

If you weren’t able to make it to our dinner, you can still support FEED by donating meals here.

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