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The Kids Passport heymama Katya and Amri walking with their girls in the Dumbo

We feel so lucky to live in such a great big city like New York, full of so many fun things to do with our little monkeys. There are a million options out there and we kind of think it’s our duty to explore to the fullest. Katya and I will take any excuse to carve out some playtime with the girls, so we were jumping with joy when we connected with The Kids Passport. Access to a whole wide world of kid’s classes without committing to a whole semester? Yes!  Sign us up!  For $39 (for 2 classes) or $99 (for 6 classes) a month, you get access to a slew of classes around Manhattan and Brooklyn that you can just drop in with an hours notice. It’s like Class Pass for kids.  (Which Katya is obsessed with). Being flexible is super important to us! Running our own business schedules changes every week, so we can’t say what class we’ll be able to take every Tuesday for the next 6 weeks.


We took one for the team to test-drive this crazy awesome program for you! (You’re welcome!) We laced up our mini’s ballet shoes and headed over to Dumbo. Since ballerinas always eat cookies & cupcakes (yes we caved and gave them both) we stopped in to One Girl Cookie for some pre-dance fuel. It had been awhile since Mari and Lili had seen each other; as we’ve been sticking close to home with Mari’s new baby sister, so this was reunion time! Pink cupcakes make everything even better (if that’s possible), and these girls were on fire…


After more than a few races down the street and happy dances we arrived at the Gelsey Kirkland ballet studio, fully sugared up and ready to dance. I was really impressed at how it’s a REAL dance studio with all levels of classes. We popped into the wrong classroom and a very professional looking dancer was having a private lesson and there was a crazy modern dance rehearsal taking place for a performance. It was all very different than the ballet class studio for the under 5 set I’m used to, but we felt very cool. Check in was a breeze. Mari and Lili ran into the classroom and melted into the class like they’d been dancing here for years.


Katya and I were able to sneak around the corner to grab a much need cappuccino at Brooklyn Roasting Company and catch up on everything heymama and new baby. That 45 minutes of adult conversation was like a lifeline to this mama who has been cooped up at home with a 2 month old.


After what seemed like 5 minutes, our little loves came skipping out of class hand in hand, singing songs, and asking for more cookies and a sleepover too.  Success!! Stay Tuned for our next adventure.

As a partner of ours, The Kids Passport treated us to some classes to experience it first-hand and we took full advantage. The Kids Passport is offering 20% off your first month subscription with code HEYMAMA. Sign up here!

Photos by: Belle Savransky

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