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Brand Spotlights



Article was created by four software engineers, inspired by the beauty and challenged by the unfamiliarity of the environment. Bring the colorful wonders of the outdoors to your home with a simple and efficient sofa, ottoman and more.

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Maya Brenner

Heymama, Maya Brenner, created a Maya Brenner Jewelry with everyone in mind. Maya, an ex-social worker turned designer, started her brand in her studio apartment in 1998. The brand has since blossomed into the go-to place to find simple and elegant pieces. Sprinkle a necklace or bracelet with your own style but personalizing it with letters, number and charms.

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Scarlandis Shoes

The timeless designs of Scarlandis Shoes makes heading to a meeting and picking up the kids a breeze. Whether you're a pump, boot, or a flats type of girl, Scarlandis Shoes provides the comfort and style for a day on the go.

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